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Perth Reticulation Repair

Retic Repairs

Perth Reticulation Not Working Like It Should?

With years of experience in many different residential Perth reticulation systems, we are able to find and repair any issue including:

  • Faulty bore pumps
  • Busted of cracked pipes
  • Repair or replacement  of sprinklers  nozzles
  • Repair of broken or blocked solenoid valves
  • Tracking down and repairing faulty wiring
  • Re-program or replacement of faulty controllers
We use acoustic detection systems to find underground leaks and have located hundreds of underground leaks with our advanced equipment.

If you are having issues with your Perth reticulation system, call Steve today on 0428 180 180 or fill out the form.

Sprinkler System Not Coming On?

We’ll locate the cause of your failing retic system through effective troubleshooting of your controller, solenoids, leaks, bore pump and more.  

It could be as simple as a broken solenoid wire or you may need a replacement controller.   

Multiple Stations Come On At The Same Time?

If you have more than one station come on at the same time, then this indicates a broken solenoid that needs replacing.  

We can find the broken solenoids to replace so your sprinkler system works station by station. 

Large Water Bill? You could have a leaking Reticulation

Is your water bill is large and your water meter is spinning the clock when all other taps are off.

Chances are you have a broken pipe or a separated pipe where the pressure has broken the reticulation glue. 

We have the specialist equipment to locate your leak and the accreditation to submit a leak allowance with the Water Corporation.

Solenoids Need Replacing?

When certain stations don’t come on or multiple stations come on together, you could have a faulty solenoid or solenoid connection.

We can fix this efficiently for you so your garden doesn’t dry out and die saving you on replacement plants and months of heartache while your garden grows back.

Need Re Programming of Your Controller?

If you need reprogramming of your controller and just need a hand, we can assist for a small fee.

If you need your controller replaced, we can assist and you may qualify for a state government rebate depending on the controller being replaced.

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    Good sprinkler coverage will avoid brown and dead patches in your lawn

    Brown and Dead Patches On Your Lawn

    Dead or dying areas on your lawn show that your reticulation has a problem and not enough water is getting to the affected areas.

    We can diagnose the cause regarding 

    • Broken sprinklers
    • Blocked Sprinkler Heads
    • Cheap Sprinklers
    • Insufficient Pressure and why
    • Poor sprinkler spacing

    Enjoy a consistently lush lawn and garden with waterwise sprinkler systems. 

    We can advise and implement solutions for you

    Note: We recommend Clay additives such as Soil Solver as a Sandy Soil Solution to retain water and nutrients. Best applied before laying new turf.

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