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Reticulation Maintenance Perth

Reticulation Maintance

Do You Want Your Perth Property Lawn and Garden to Always Be Green?

SK Reticulation provides expert year-round retic maintenance services for Perth homes

Through regular maintenance of every part of your reticulation system, will ensure that your garden remains healthy and helps to prevent more expensive issues from building up over time.

At SK Reticulation we offer retic maintenance services such as:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • Servicing the entire reticulation system
  • Checking and re-programming the retic controllers


Steve Kazazi is a fully Certified Waterwise retic technician. He has  years of experience in working on all kinds of different reticulation and irrigation systems.
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    How does regular retic maintenance help you?

    When using SK Reticulation maintenance services we will ensure that all of your retic controllers, solenoids and sprinklers are functioning correctly.

    By using the right reticulation setup the general garden maintenance can become less of a demanding task. Watering can become an automated task removing the requirement to manually water your garden.

    Another advangtate of having a scheduled watering system will be to limit when watering occurs, for example a good retic controller will not trigger if there has recently been rain, which would otherwise lead to over watering.

    Do you want to save money on the maintenance of your retic system?

    A well-maintained reticulation system ensures that more costly issues that may build up over time are avoided as smaller problems can be found and resolved before they spiral into something worse.

    SK Reticulation technicians have years of experiences in identifying, locating and repairing and retic-related problems such as:

    • Misaligned Sprinklers
    • Leaking Pipes
    • Leaking Hoses
    • Leaking Valves
    • Retic Controller Malfunctions

    Want to avoid the headache of dealing with a broken retic system?

    SK Reticulation provides scheduled expert retic maintenance for Perth. We use our extensive experience and Waterwise certification to ensure that your reticulation system is running smoothly. We also provide reticulation maintenances for Perth.

    Contact SK Reticulation today for professional retic maintenance on 0428 180 180.

    We Provide Reticulation Maintenance For All of Perth

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